Typically, I use Twitter to stay current with topics of interest.  My TweetDeck is set up with columns that search the terms “archaeology”, “landscape”, “engagement”, etc.  I am satisfied with the information that I come across through this method and have generally disregarded any potential of Facebook serving a similar purpose.  Then one of my friends helped make a Facebook app called SafeToBe.Me (links directly to Facebook app).

SafeToBe.Me App Homepage

The Application can be tweaked to search for terms of interest.

They are releasing the beta version to the public for feedback.  At first glance it looks like an Internet security app for Facebook (which is its primary intention).  But the ability to search for any terms that you choose gives this app a similar function to searches in Tweetdeck.

Under settings look for additional language

The additional language filter will send you an email every time, (or an email digest every day or week) when the terms that you are interested in appear. I’m fairly sure they can be set to monitor specific accounts.  While its a bit clumsy when compared to TweetDeck, this application provides another way to find the information that you are interested in and bypass the noise on Facebook.

You can find a link to their site here.